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Cellulite treatment in Madrid – Velashape

Cellulite treatment in Alcobendas Madrid. We use an innovative and very effective treatment against cellulite of any area of ​​the body.

Velashape has been consolidated as the best known and most widely used treatment for cellulite, body remodeling and flaccidity

Velashape was the first platform approved by the FDA for the reduction of the circumference of the thigh, as well as for the treatment of cellulite and flaccidity.

This revolutionary system is designed with ELOS technology that combines radiofrequency, infrared, vacuum therapy and roller massages. The relation these four systems, applied on the skin, reduces cellulite, promotes body shaping, as well as toning and tissue tightening, becoming a revolutionary treatment in the field of bodyshaping.


Duration Abdomen and Flanks 30 minutes / Legs and glutes 45 minutes
Number of sessions 8 sessions
Frequency 1 time / week
Home treatment Anti-cellulite cream
Combined treatments Combined treatments Can be combined with mesotherapy and carboxiterapia
Maintenance Once a month



  • Cellulite treatment
  • Thigh circumference reduction
  • Localized fat removal
  • Body remodeling
  • Flaccidity
  • Tightening and improvement of skin texture
  • Pre and post-liposuction treatment
  • Postpartum treatment
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