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Treatment for Alopecia

The latest innovative developments for the treatment of alopecia in Alcobendas Madrid for diagnosis and treatment. Control your hair loss at Biolaser.

Alopecia- or hair loss- is a dermatological problem that increasingly affects more people. It can involve not only an aesthetic problem but an underlying disease. The dermatologist is the specialist who will offer an accurate diagnosis accompanied by the most effective treatments.

The La Moraleja Biollaser Trichology Unit offers the latest innovations in the area of ​​trichology for the diagnosis and treatment of alopecia. It includes a medical team of experts in trichology that use the latest devices to control hair loss. Each type of alopecia will be addressed in a totally individualized way in order to achieve the best results.

You can consult any type of hair problem, either by loss (alopecia), excess (hirsutism, hypertrichosis) or alterations in their features (weakening, excess fat, dryness, fragility, etc.)

The diagnosis is made with trichoscopy, trichogram and if necessary in the Biollaser center a biopsy will be performed.

The treatment is carried out individually and for this we have the following techniques:

– Pharmacotherapy

– Therapeutic injections (with drugs such as corticosteroids, minoxidil, dutasteride)

– Low intensity laser therapy

– Mesotherapy

– Carboxytherapy

– Indiba- radiofrequency treatment

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