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Treatment of varicose veins – removal

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are venous dilations that appear as a consequence of the degeneration of vein valves. Blood accumulates in the veins because it can not be sent back to the heart due to poor venous return.

Why do varicose veins appear?

Varicose veins are more frequent in women than in men. Amongst the factors that affect the apparition of varicose veins there is:

  • Genetic type factors
  • Hormonal factors: Its incidence increases with pregnancy, during menopause or by taking contraceptives
  • External factors: obesity, lack of exercise, standing up or sitting down many hours or wearing tight clothing that makes circulation difficult.

Symptoms and complications:

In addition to the uncomfortable aesthetic effect caused by varicose veins, blood congestion can cause important symptoms (heaviness, pain, tiredness, tingling, itching …) that affect the quality of life of patients, even when the affected veins are very superficial. Possible complications associated with varicose veins are related with thrombophlebitis, skin blemishes and venous ulcers.

How can we fight varicose veins?

It is not always possible to avoid the appearance of varicose veins, but managing the factors that are involved in the appearence is necessary, such as: maintaining an healthy weight, exercising and walking, avoiding excessive sitting or standing, making postular changes as often as possible, avoiding tight clothing or oral contraceptives if we have a family history of varicose veins, choosing methods without hormones.

Treatment of varicose veins in Madrid, how to eliminate them?:

For the treatment of unaesthetic variculas and varicose veins in legs, we have two methods: sclerotherapy with microfoam and vascular laser. The knowledge and mastery of both gives the possibility to offer each patient the most effective treatment, minimizing the risks and the time necessary to achieve the best result.

The sclerotherapy with microfoam consists in injecting into the affected veins a chemical substance in the form of foam that in contact with the wall of the vein irritates and damages it. Consequently, the vein suffers a fibrosis and finally disappears (the body reabsorbs it).

With vascular laser, heat damage is caused on the vein, this causes its coagulation and in many cases the immediate disappearance of the vessel. There are different types of vascular lasers that can be combined in the same patient depending on the size and depth of the vessels to be treated.eliminar varices con láser

When sclerotherapy is combined with microfoam and vascular laser in the same session, better results are obtained and the number of sessions needed is smaller. Another of its advantages is that it is an outpatient treatment, which allows us to continue our daily life after the session.


Before starting a treatment it is essential to carry out a mapping of the venous system in order to know exactly the extent of the disease. In order to do this we will perform a vascular Doppler or an Echo Doppler to each patient and plan the best strategy in each case.

An accurate diagnosis combined with the optimal use of the microfoam and vascular laser makes this treatment the most effective for the removal of uncomfortable varicose veins.


Duration 60 minutes approx
Periodicity of sessions bimonthly sessions
Post-treatment care Average compression for a few days. Avoid sun exposure
Number of sessions Depends on each case
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