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Genetic Test of Obesity

Obesity is considered a multifactorial disease and is the result of the interaction of environmental factors (dietary habits, physical exercise, stress) and genetic factors.

They have found genes that determine a greater predisposition of some people to suffer from overweight or obesity, to have a more or less accelerated metabolism or to never feel never satisfied after eating, which has led to understand that 50% of cases of overweight and obesity may have a genetic basis.

Nowadays, thanks to the advances made by science in the study of DNA and the genes involved in certain diseases, we can count on many genetic markers related to body weight.

Thanks to the information provided by the genetic analysis of a sample of output, together with the clinical and nutritional history of the patient we can develop a plan of action completely personalized for each patient, which allows us to successfully achieve weight loss. The genetic test allows us to know the most effective type of diet for each person, the most appropriate exercise in their case, their eating habits and their susceptibility to metabolic or cardiovascular diseases related to food, carrying out a prevention plan.

At Stanford University a clinical study was conducted in which they observed that people who followed a diet based on genetic results lost 2.5 times more weight than people who followed other diets.

This new tool allows us to address the problem of obesity in a integrated manner, combining both environmental and genetic factors that are involved in the development of this disease.

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