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Food intolerance test

The FOOD INTOLERANCES TEST allows us to detect those foods that may be causing health problems in our organism.

This test detects those foods to which our body reacts producing antibodies of IgG type. The more antibodies our body produces, the greater the food intolerance, since the immune system is reacting excessively to its presence

Food intolerances have been linked to digestive problems (gas, diarrhea, constipation), overweight, migraines, arthritis, fluid retention, hyperactivity, eczema, itching, etc. Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, said that “all diseases began in the digestive tract”, so that our diet and having the digestive system in good condition is essential to maintain good health.

By removing from our diet those foods to which we are intolerant we can observe, in many cases, the improvement of these symptoms.

We perform a test of 100 or 200 foods and with the results obtained we will propose a diet according to the nutritional needs of the patient, avoiding the foods to which ones is intolerant and proposing alternative foods to them. This treatment is usually complemented with the intake of probiotics and treatments to strengthen the intestinal wall.

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