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Pnk Cellulitis Program

Comprehensive program to fight cellulite with clinically proven efficacy

Pronokal Group has launched a new comprehensive program aimed to combat cellulite and muscle flaccidity in women of normal weight. It is a short program, which goes on through several phases, which its duration depends on the degree of evolution of the cellulite.

The program is designed to fight three fronts: Restructure, Drain and Tone skin tissue.

People who have cellulite present a deconstruction of the superficial fatty tissue, which loses its natural structure and causes orange peel skin. There is also an edema and fluid retention where drainage is needed in order to improve skin appearance. And in many cases all of this is accompanied by muscular flaccidity which is important to revert in order to improve muscle tone and achieve a significant improvement of the skin.

The Program is designed in a multidisciplinary and comprehensive way including a dietary plan, detox diet, a program of muscle toning exercises and a specific program designed to improve the affected skin. We have verified that the combination of the Pnk Cellulite Program with our body plans achieve excellent results in the treatment of this skin alteration.

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