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Acoustic shock waves

The shock waves are applied with a hand piece that is placed on the skin, which has been previously prepared with a conductive gel. The D-Actor 200 generates acoustic waves which the patient percieves as an intense vibration, which purpose is to break the fibrous septa present in the tissues affected by cellulite and that are the main cause for the appearance of the unaesthetic orange peel. This vibration also produces a strong activation of the circulation and a powerful drainage of the tissue, as well as a stimulation of the metabolism of fatty tissue, which consequently reduces the size of the fat cells and the circumference of the thighs and the hips.


Duration 45 minutes
Number of sessions 10-12 sessions
Frequency Ideal 2 weekly sessions
Home treatment Anti-cellulite cream
Combined treatments Can be combined with mesotherapy or carboxiterapia
Maintenance 1 monthly session


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