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The Pnk method of Pronokal

The new PNK Method of Pronokal Group, has been designed to fight against the obesity and overweight epidemic and so achieve the best results in weight loss and its subsequent maintenance. Thanks to all the knowledge extracted from the application of the Pronokal method during the last 10 years and the latest scientific knowledge related to obesity the method has evolved to improve and achieve better results.

The PNK method is divided into five steps:

The first three steps correspond to the active stage of the method, which reduces the intake of carbohydrates and fats, providing the body with all the protein, vitamin and mineral needs it requires, to avoid the loss of muscle mass and guarantee the correct functioning of the body. In this stage the patient is in a situation of ketosis, controlled by his doctor, which will allow him to progressively lose accumulated fat. Throughout these first three steps the patient loses 80% of his overweight, combining products of the method PNK next to a series of foods. The duration of each of these steps will depend on the amount of weight required to lose.

The fourth and fifth steps correspond to the stage of food habits re-education. In this stage, 20% of the remaining weight is lost while the patient progressively introduces the foods that have been dispensed with in the previous stages. Throughout these two steps, new dietary habits are acquired that will subsequently help to maintain the weight achieved.

Once the five steps are completed, we would go on to the maintenance stage, in which the patient is proactively monitored during the two years after the end of the diet, in order to settle the new habits acquired.

Throughout the method, physical activity counseling and psycho-emotional assistance is included.

One of the most important developments of the method is the inclusion of DHA, a type of omega 3, in Pnk products. Recent studies on obesity have determined the presence of inflammation in fat cells that increase in size. This lipo inflammation causes the presence of inflammatory substances that cause stimulation in the brain centers that control hunger, leading to an increase in appetite. To achieve effective weight loss and long-term maintenance, it is necessary to reduce this lipo inflammation for which DHA is used.

To sum up, the Pnk method of Pronokal is a personalized method of weight loss under medical supervision that pursues an effective and safe weight loss as well as the maintenance of the obtained results.

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