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Mesotherapy with ALIDYA®

Mesotherapy is a standard treatment of Aesthetic Medicine for the treatment of cellulite, and remains in force due to its good results.

Mesotherapy consists on the application of multiple microinjections of medication administration in areas affected by cellulite.

Traditionally, in the treatment of cellulite, we use homeopathic substances, or combinations of artichoke, carnitine, honey and organic silicon, aimed at improving the circulation and oxygenation of tissues, improving the metabolism of fat cells, eliminating toxins and improving skin’s tone.

Currently we also have ALIDYA, which is the only specific treatment that has been created for the treatment of cellulite and also focuses on its prevention. At La Moraleja Biol Laser Clinic, we are pioneers in using this method.


Duration 30 mtos
Time periods 1 session / week
Maintenance At the beginning 1 biweekly and monthly session
Number of sessions Depends on each case. The average is usually 10 sessions
Combined Treatments Can be combined with Velashape, shock wave or carboxiterapia
Home treatment Anti-cellulite cream


What is Alydia?

Alidya® is the result of the most recent research conducted to know the origin of the appearance of cellulite and thank you to which Dr. Motolese has been able to develop this substance. By performing tissue biopsies infiltrated with cellulitis Dr. Motolese has observed the abnormal presence of iron in the fatty tissue. The increase of the permeability of the capillaries could cause the presence of iron in these affected tissues, acting as an irritating toxic metal that generates a chronic inflammation, a degeneration of the adipocytes (fat cells) and a change in the ph of the tissues.

Alidya® neutralizes the iron that acts as a toxic and makes removal easier, recovers the natural pH of the tissue and rebalances the structure of the fatty tissue.

It is our experience that mesotherapy with ALIDYA® is an effective and safe treatment for soft cellulitis, with satisfying results for patients.

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