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Laser treatment reference center

Centro comercial el bulevar, Paseo Alcobendas 10, La Moraleja


Who can resist to a good massage? Massages have been used since ancient times to relieve tension, relax muscles, improve circulation or relieve stress.

At La Moraleja Biolaser Clinic we have a massage therapist who will offer you advice and treatment selecting the appropriate type of massage or combination of these based on your needs:

  • Relieving Massage: Most demanded type of massage by our clients. Stress, bad postures, pathologies such as osteoarthritis or previous injuries can cause painful contractures in different muscles of our body. An appropriate massage applying frictions, pressures and stretches of the affected muscles, can relax contractures and relieve symptoms.
  • RITUAL BIOSENSE: A feast for the senses: For those who love love relaxing and pleasurable experiences. A massage made with candle oil and volcanic stones, in a quiet environment, with relaxing music and aromas that take you into a deep relaxation state. The relaxing massage par excellence.
  • Anti-cellulite massage: This massage is intended primarily to improve circulation and drainage of areas affected by cellulite, improving the oxygenation of tissues, the elimination and drainage of toxins and fluid retention, as well as the arrival of nutrients to the affected tissues . It also reduces fibrosis and restores elasticity to the tissues.
  • Lymphatic drainage: Massage technique that is performed in order to drain or move the lymph that for any pathological cause is stagnant in some part of our body. With a series of very subtle maneuvers this lymph is displaced to healthy lymphatic territories for normal evacuation into the venous stream. It is applied in case of lymphedemas, elephantiasis, cellulitis, traumatic edema or lymphatic complications after cosmetic surgery (post-liposuction treatment is usual).
  • Reflexology: It is a therapeutic massage applied to the feet, which stimulates reflex points that represent the different organs of the body. Stimulating the right points can improve the health and symptoms of the patient. Reflexology also stimulates blood circulation, the lymphatic system, reduces stress and helps us achieve a natural balance.

To receive a proper massage you should always be in the hands of professionals who can identify which is the best treatment in your case.

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