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Lifting with tightening threads

Until today, the only way to treat facial flaccidity was to perform a surgical facelift. With the development of new tensor thread techniques, satisfactory results can be achieved without going through surgery.

At the Biolaser La Moraleja Clinic, we have two types of tightening threads. The counselor will study each case and determine the best treatment depending on the degree of flaccidity.

1. PDO or Polydioxanone threads

The Polydioxanone is a very safe resorbable material which was used traditionally in intracardiac sutures.

The technique consists on placing numerous threads of different sizes in different directions so that a network or tension mesh is created in the affected area.

The thread performs its effect in two ways; Tensing by the mesh effect and regenerating new tissue collagen, since the body identifies the threads as “foreign body” and generates an inflammatory reaction around it that achieves a redensification of the tissue and therefore a lifting effect.

The placement technique is very simple. It is performed under topical anesthesia and lasts about 20-30 minutes. Its results are noticeable at the moment of tensioning, but become more evident between 1-3 months after treatment.

Its effects last up to 12-18 months.

The only side effects are possible inflammation, erythema and bruising in the treated area.


Duration 20-30 minutes
Anesthesia Topical cream anesthesia
Optimum final result Final results begin one month after treatment and consolidate after 3 months
Duration of the effect 12-18 months


2. Silhouette-Soft threads

The Silhouette-Soft threads are made of Polylactic Acid, also resorbable material, which have the peculiarity of presenting cones in their structure, through which the thread is anchored to the dermal tissue, making traction and achieving an obvious, immediate and lasting tensed effect.

Moreover, it’s about bidirectional threads, which allows us to draw two tension vectors with each thread placed, making it easy to individualize the treatment according to each patients needs.

In addition to immediate tension, they also stimulate the synthesis of collagen around, so that their results continue to be appreciated months after treatment.

They work is done in a sterile field with local anesthesia exclusively at the points of entry and exit of the threads.

The procedure is performed in about 45 minutes and the only side effects are local in the treated area.

Its effects last up to 1-2 years.


Duration 30 minutes
Anesthesia Local anesthesia is applied at the entry and exit points
Optimum final result Immediate lifting effect. The results are consolidated after 3 months
Home care Antibiotic cream at the entry and exit points. Do not massage the area
Duration of the effect 18 months


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