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Centro comercial el bulevar, Paseo Alcobendas 10, La Moraleja

IPL Nordlys by Ellipse

The most versatile lighting platform on the market

Ellipse’s new Nordlys equipment is the most versatile lighting platform on the market.

It is a Pulsed Light, with a wide range of Wavelengths available for its treatments that includes a revolutionary system known as “”Selective waveband technology””, by which unnecessary lengths that could be harmful are eliminated, so that only those needed for treatments are preserved.
Moreover, it has pulses of treatments of sub milliseconds which allows treating lesions with scarce chromophore as light spots and fine veins, reaching results comparable to specific lasers, with the safety and versatility provided by Pulsed Light.

Ellipse Nordlys IPL applications

It is a unique and modern platform that includes different terminals to treat different pathologies.

PR Terminal: It presents a wavelength between 530-750 nm, consequently its main chromophore would be hemoglobin, being used for the treatment of vascular lesions, angiomas, couperose and telangiectasias. Having very short pulses allows the treatment of diffuse redness, unifying the tone of face and neckline.

PL Terminal: Wavelength 400-720nm. Using melanin as a chromator can be applied to pigmented solar lentigo-like lesions

VL Terminal:With a wavelength of 550-950nm, it is used for rejuvenation, since due to its application of the deep layer heat, it achieves the stimulation of the collagen tissue and improves the texture of the skin.

Frax 1550: The new Frax 1550 terminal, is a magnetic roller that produces a fractional damage which consists on the realization of columns of thermal damage, maintaining healthy tissue around it.
This ablative fractional treatment allows fine wrinkles to improve, stretch marks, acne marks and scars minimizing side effects and reducing the time of low post treatment.

Usually, protocols of 3-4 treatments are made, with a monthly frequency, and different terminals are combined.

The objective is to “”sweep”” the area to be treated, eliminating spots, vascular lesions and improving their texture.
The treatment is carried out comfortably and quickly, under topical anesthetic.
The recovery time depends on the number of lesions present before treatment, and consists of erythema, edema and darkening of the pigmented lesions that flake off in the following 5-7 days.


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