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Tightening Threads

Tightening threads have been consolidated as one of the most innovative and revolutionary techniques to achieve a tightening and reaffirmation of tissues as well as to perform a non-surgical facial or body lift.

On the level of the body, they can be applied to the abdomen, inner side of the legs and arms.

At the Biolaser Clinic La Moraleja, we have two types of resorbable tightening threads. The professional will determine the most appropriate type of thread in each case, depending on the degree of flaccidity of the tissues, and may be combined if considered necessary.

1. PDO threads (POLIOXANONE)

The PDO threads are placed in the dermis in the form of a mesh, which will stimulate the proliferation of collagen in the dermis and give support to the tissues. It is a technique designed and performed by Korean dermatologists with the aim of tensing and densifying the dermal structure of the skin and in consequence preventing flaccidity.

The threads are completely reabsorbed and are made of polioxanone, high security material, also used in sutures of cardiac surgeries.


Time 45-60 minutes
Anesthesia Local anesthetic cream can be applied
Results They begin to appear one month after the session and are consolidated after 3 months
Duration of results 12-18 months


2. Silhouette tightening threads

Silhouette threads are made out of a substance called polylactic acid, which is resorbable and completely safe.

These threads have two actions:

1. Lifting effect, achieved due to the bidirectional cones that the threads have and that are anchored in the subcutaneous tissue, allowing to apply traction and stretching of the skin at the same time of its placement.

2. Regenerative action thank you to the fact that the polylactic acid acts stimulating the production of collagen, providing gradual and natural results.


Duration 1-2 hours depending on the area and number of threads to place
Anesthesia Local anesthesia is applied at the entry and exit points.
Home care Antibiotic ointment at entry and exit points (2 days). Do not massage the area
Results Immediate lifting effect. The results are consolidated in 3 months
Duration of results 18 months
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