Centro de referencia en tratamientos Láser

Personalized Diets

Overweight and obesity are health issues that are increasing and not always treated correctly.

The Ministry of Health and the Medical Associations often warn of the health risk of carrying out so-called miracle diets. Each year new diets emerge that promise to make us lose weight, but most of them not only make us lose weight in the best of cases, but they can also cause nutritional deficiencies that can cause important health problems.

Aware of the importance of all this in the Biolaser Clinic La Moraleja we suggest that you lose weight safely and without risking your health.

To do this, we will study your case, performing an analysis of your body composition, a study of your dietary habits, your basal metabolism and your daily energy needs will be calculated. In result to this a personalized and balanced diet will be proposed, according to your needs, tastes and style of life.

This diet may be supplemented, if necessary, with nutritional supplements and phytotherapy products, as well as body treatments.

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