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Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional coaching offers a new perspective in the treatment of overweight and obesity, adressing both psyhical and psychic variables.

Overweight and obesity have been treated until now on a purely physical level. When patients arrive to the medical consultations, the doctor provides them with diets that calculate the nutrients and calories needed to lose weight. This approach needs to be thoroughly reviewed given the fact that in practice, very few patients manage to maintain the lost weight. The fact that each year miracle diets appear promising definitive weight loss, is already a tip to realize that these diets will not end up being what was expected.

“Do not pretend that anything changes if we always do the same thing” Einstein

The truth is that patients who follow fad diets every year are looking to improve self-esteem and regain an adequate weight, but once again they find that they regain easily the weight lost. From this point of view more and more professionals are realizing that in the problem of overweight there are many more issues involved other than calories and food, and that the psychic aspect has great relevance in this problem. The nutritional coaching proposes an approach of this e subject from a new perspective, combining physical and psychic levels.

Nutritional coaching uses techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Strategic Brief Therapy, Visualizations and Mindful Eating to help patients achieve and maintain their objectives. Ultimately, it is about putting the body and mind to work together in order to achieve a healthy and desired weight as well as being able to maintain it.

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