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Centro comercial el bulevar, Paseo Alcobendas 10, La Moraleja

Dermocosmetic Advice

Every pacient or person has a different skin type, and each time more patients go to the Dermatologist looking for advice on skin care and on which products are the most appropriate and what treatments are te most suitable.

A part from the trace of time and genetic background, there are many external factors that contribute to the appearance of aging signs, such as sun exposure or UVA, tobacco, inadequate eating habits, environmental pollutants etc…

It can be said that each skin “ages in a different way”, that is why it is important to know which product or treatment adapts better to each pacient.

A detailed study by the Dermatologist of your skin type (hydration level, seborrhea or facial fat, elasticity, melanic or vascular alterations) is essential to choose the appropriate dermocosmetic products not only for daily care but also in order to achieve positive results.

Nowadays we count on the “clinical cosmetogenomics”, which consists on the study of the cutaneous genetics of the patient through a sample of the patient’s saliva DNA as well as variables like their lifestyle, in order to create a personalized program with detailed information and tips on suitable and healthy skin care, including also a customized cosmetic product.

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